Bilco offers egress wells that will add natural daylight and ventilation to basement rooms. The ScapeWEL has a side and step panels that simply snap together on the job site and are available in a two tier or three tier options. The StakWEL allows for up to six modules to be put together to build a well system. They are ideal for 16”, 20”, and 24” utility windows and can be used on foundations up to 10 feet deep. Bilco manufactures clear colored egress covers for the StakWEL and all sizes of the ScapeWEL.

Classic Series steel basement doors are designed to be used on flat foundation areaways. They are offered in two finish options, powder coated and primer. The powder coated finish is offered in four standard colors and provides more durable, scratch resistant finish compared to conventional paint. The primed finish has a baked-on Sherwin Williams primer that provides a durable base for finish paint.

The Classic Series Sloped Wall Steel bulkhead doors are designed for installation on areaways were sidewalls are built into the foundation of the home. The sloped wall series is only available with the Primer finish.

The Ultra Series basement doors provide safe and code-compliant basement access, weather-tight performance and easy operation — all with virtually no maintenance.