Outdoor Water, Trash, & Chemical Pumps

Outdoor Water, Trash and Chemical Pumps are often necessary in emergency situations where one must remove water or debris immediately -- it is important for these pumps to be reliable and dependable.

Clean Water Pumps are often used to remove and pump out water from swimming pools, hot tubs, basement floors, or window wells. They are lightweight and easy to transport which make it a quick option to take with you where you need it. Semi-Trash Pumps allow you to move and pump out water that may be sandy, muddy, abrasive or have small particles while a standard Trash pump allows you to pump water with hard and soft solids such as mud, leaves, twigs, sludge. Chemical pumps are a stronger, durable pump that allows you to transfer chemicals that are often corrosive and abrasive as the pumps is resistant to these liquids. These liquids include fuel, paint, bleach or some solvents.