Grout & Mortar

Every tile project starts with mortar and ends with grout. Mortar is the bonding solution that adheres the tile to the surface, and grout is the filler that buffers the movement of the tile. Mortar is applied to clean, smooth, flat subfloor in sections using a trowel. Before the mortar has hardened, tiles should be laid out and leveled. Any alignment issues should be addressed before the mortar dries. After all of the tile is set and the mortar is hardened (usually 24 hours), any leveling systems in place can be removed, and grout can be applied. For the best results, grout should be applied with a rubber grout float at a 45 degree angle. While curing, it is recommended that grout be misted twice a day for an even cure. Grout takes approximately 3 days to cure, depending on environmental factors such as humidity.