Protect your roof with the multiple options of premium shingle products. BP Manoir Lifetime Shingles, Atlas Pinnacle Impact, Pinnacle Sun, ProLam, and StormMaster Shake shingles are designed for a quality look and performance to protect your home. Roof shingles have an array of functions that can also be specific to your situation, such as heat or weather resistance. Modern Builders Supply offers Moffett shipping on specified lines of shingles as an option. Don't forget to add starter strips or Hip and Ridge shingles to your home. Offered are four separate options of high quality Atlas Shingles, as well as BP Manoir Lifetime Shingles, and the Hip and Ridge's and starter strips for any of your roofing needs. Our lineup of shingles offered by Atlas & BP come with warranty options with your purchase. Nationwide Moffett Delivery is a fantastic method of shipping to take the pressure and workload off your project. Moffett Shipping is a service that will ship your goods with the main goal being maximum efficiency. The built-in forklift, which is mounted at the rear of the truck, is what makes the Moffett truck different. This makes loading and unloading goods much easier than having to rely on the availability on separate forklifts or manual labor.