Winter Supplies

To make the most of the winter season, stock up with essential products to stay safe and warm while pursuing outdoor activities in the cold and snow. Choose from various options including the boots, ice cleats, gloves, and generators that are offered.

Winter boots are waterproof, maintain warmth, and have great traction to prevent slipping and falling on the ice and snow. Also to combat the icy ground, ice cleats significantly minimize the chance of slipping and simply stretch over footwear.

Winter gloves protect one’s hands from the elements with waterproof designs and inner microfleece layers. With the reinforced non-slip technology, durability and dexterity is not compromised for warmth and comfort.

Portable Generators offer a solution when there is a shortage of power, wherever and whenever it is needed. Smaller, lighter options allow for convenient travel while larger options offer a larger fuel capacity. Whether it be for work, recreation, or backup, these generators provide a resolution when power is scarce.