Outdoor Pressure Washers

Outdoor Pressure Washers are often used to clean a variety of surfaces with specific pressure settings and offer a solution for many different needs. An electric power washer is a quiet and clean model that is light, easy to transport and features a switch-flip start option while a gas power washer is ideal for tough, commercial-duty jobs and perfect for larger areas with it's cord-free mobile option.

Pressure washers with a pressure rating of up to 1899 PSI are ideal for washing vehicles, boats or any other sensitive outdoor areas like outdoor furniture, grills, etc. For jobs consisting of removing dirt, mold and stains from siding and decking, pressure washers with up to a 2800 PSI are best suited for this as 2800+ are for driveways and other exteriors that may be harder to reach. Commercial jobs specifically call for a washer with a PSI of 3100+ for commercial grade cleaning and paint stripping.