SturdiMount Standard Mounts quickly provide jobsite uniformity and water protection for outdoor appliances and accessories. These mount blocks install in under 60 seconds, saving time and money and ultimately alleviating jobsite hassle. SturdiMount blocks are manufactured using cellular PVC and have an engineered water management system, which maintains integrity in its innovative pre-flashed, pre-assembled design. There are 3 styles of mounts; Standard, UL and Blank. Standard come in 4 different styles and can be used for a variety of mounting projects. UL Mounts are UL rated for light fixtures up to 10 pounds. The Blank mounts come in 4 different styles, 1 color and are completely customizable and can be painted and cut to fit your jobs needs. All SturdiMount blocks can be used on fiber cement, engineered wood, cedar and composite siding and are pre-flashed, pre-assembled and ready to protect against water damage.