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Tie Down

Tie Down manufactures an extensive range of high-quality products across their diverse divisions, spanning from roofing and safety to TranzSporter and TranzVolt. Tie Down’s roofing division features a line of residential and commercial roofing products, such as ladder accessories, shingle cutters, shingle removers, and more. Specializing in crafting reliable fall protection solutions, their safety division includes warning lines, guardrails, roofing anchors, various safety accessories, as well as their innovative mobile fall protection systems. The TranzSporter line focuses on manufacturing motor-powered ladder hoists designed for the swift and secure lifting of shingles and other materials up a ladder, conveniently available in Honda, Lifan, and Electric Motors. In the TranzVolt line, you'll find battery-powered ladder lifts that can be effortlessly set up in minutes, operating conveniently through a wireless remote control with no gas engine or electrical cord necessary.

Tie Down also offers a diverse selection of other exceptional products and accessories to assist with projects within the marine, manufactured housing, and landscaping divisions.