Shims are thin pieces of wood or plastic that are used to fill in small gaps, make adjustments to, or level materials in multiple construction applications. They are often used during window, door, trim, cabinet, countertop, and flooring installations. They can also be used to level appliances or furniture.

Glazelock offers multiple types of shims to meet the needs of your project. Glazelock’s Wood Shims are traditional pine lumber with enough texture to grip and stack together. Glazelock’s Tapered Shims are a resilient alternative to wood shims that will not rot, shrink, or warp. These shims utilize a click and lock bonding system to ensure that they stay together. The Glazelock’s Stackable Shims are a great solution for any application requiring multiple, smaller shims, such as window installation. Moisture resistant, these shims are also a great alternative to wood shims. All of Glazelock’s products are manufactured in the USA.
Glazelock Plastic Stackable Shims
Price: $12.81
Sale Price: $11.53
Glazelock Plastic Tapered Shims
Price: $427.92
Sale Price: $75.88
Glazelock Wood Shims
Price: $18.55
Sale Price: $16.67