Rikon Air Filtration System

Breathable air for any work shop will create a safe and environmentally sound work area. Rikon Tools manufactures two Air Filtration Systems that will help create the breathable work space for any shop. They easily mount on a work bench or on ceilings using the eye hooks that come attached to the machine. The 62-100 1/4 HP model has a three speed, powerful motor that will provide 480, 750, 950 CFM of filtered air. The 1/6 HP 62-400 is designed for smaller workshops that measure up to 20ft. x 20ft. x 8ft., for cleaning and circulating air up to 7 times per hour. Its motor can be set at three possible speeds, 300, 350, or 400 CFM, depending on the amount of filtration needed. Filters for the Air Filtration System from Rikon Tools are also available and sold as a pack of 1 filter.