Superior Aluminum

Railing Posts & Accessories

No project is complete without the finishing touches, which is where railing posts and accessories come into play. Posts and accessories are manufactured to be compatible with their corresponding series top and bottom rail and are the perfect compliment to a railing project. Railing posts create a safe and stylish anchor for assembled railings to be secured onto, while wall plates are the perfect way to add an extra bit of strength before anchoring railing to a wall. Each post or wall plate is designed to fit guard railing at heights between 32"" and 42"" as specified.

Standard level or vertical swivel brackets, as well as the proper fastener associated with them, are standard components of Superior Aluminum railing kits. Should additional components be needed they can be viewed here. It is important to note that individual brackets are not sold with proper fasteners, those must be purchased separately. Additional bracket options for special projects, such as horizontal swivels or two-way swivels, can also be found here.

Railing pickets are designed to fit perfectly between Superior Aluminum top and bottom rails at spacing distances that match code restrictions. Pickets are cut to length in order to create a guardrail system at heights between 32" and 42" depending on what the needs of a project are. Each picket is manufactured utilizing the same high quality, durable, maintenance-free aluminum as top and bottom rail. Pickets are available in a wide array of finishes to ensure compatibility with existing architecture. Pickets are pre-drilled for customer ease.