Rikon Planer & Jointers

Planers from Rikon Tools are designed to surface lumber to a certain thickness. They are manufactured as either a surface planer or a helical head planer. Helical head planers use smaller blade inserts around the planer rod, which will create a smooth cut as the materials is fed through. Planers are available in several different sizes and motor horsepower's, and are backed by a five year manufactures warranty. Joiners are helical head power tools that provide crisp edges for glue joints to make wide panels and help straighten warped timber. Rikon also manufacturers combination Jointer and Planer machines. These combo machines give woodworkers the advantage of saving precious shop floor space. The tops are precision jointers are with all of the same adjustments and settings as dedicated versions. The lower cabinets house the planers, which use the same cutter head as the jointer, run the lumber under it instead of on top of it. Combination machines are available in a 10in. and 12in. head and are offered with standard straight knife cutter heads, or helical cutter heads that use multiple, small insert cutters for the shearing action in surfacing stock.